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Enhance the power of your website with full stack JavaScript development with Mean Stack Development

Systematize Your Application With MEAN Stack Developement


Elevate the performance of your application with power-packed MEAN Stack Development

MEAN Stack, a JavaScript-based platform, is widely used to develop dynamic, and feature-rich web application in a swift and efficient manner. MEAN in MEAN stack development stands for the four components which are used in frontend and the backend development of web application. These components are mentioned below;

mean stack development services

MEAN is an acronym for


An open-source NoSQL database program used to develop and create a scalable and flexible database system.


A JavaScript web application framework designed to deliver dynamic website with exciting features.


A cross-platform application framework used to build scalable and flexible web application.


It is referred as client-side framework and is used to have an efficient front-end development for the users.


It's highly favorable to have MEAN Stack development with Full Stack JavaScript development. MEAN Stack development enables you to have an easy and simple way to build a feature-rich application. The simpler, yet robust structure of MEAN STACK delivers a well-ordered mechanism for transformation of data. Hence, the structure of MEAN STACK is more suitable and well defined in order to maintain the dynamic performance of the website and mobile app.

What are the benefits that you get from MEAN Stack development:

No Language Barrier

No need to learn any specific JavaScript language

An Open-Source Framework

Open-source framework allows to build a dynamic and scalable web-application

Tangibility of The Program

Provides flexibility and scalability while developing web application

Efficient Process

Enhance the performance of your website and web application

Secure Architecture

Offers a great amount of security

Smooth Cloud Integration

Easy integration with cloud

Single Page Web Application

Provides a easy-to-maintain, use, and test web application


Handling of NoSQL database was never that easy

  • A great relief for developers because of extensive library
  • Front-end and back-end data processing with a full-proof tool for Full Stack development
  • JavaScript language based for end-to-end development process
  • Open-source, pocket-friendly and robust framework for web and app development
  • Highly efficient and robust performance with 4 power-packed technologies
  • Code-reusability and flexible environment

Why Brainvire is on the top of MEAN Stack development?

Brainvire has a pool of some top-notch MEAN Stack developers who can efficiently take care of your website and web application from both backend and frontend. The developers at Brainvire can develop the applications that reflect your vision and objective in a defined timeline.

Create Digitally Enhanced Business by
Choosing Our State-Of-The-Art MEAN STACK Development Service
How MEAN is Offering The Competitive Edge to the Businesses

MEAN Stack development is an excellent full-stack JavaScript framework. The framework is ideal for creating state-of-the art dynamic websites and applications. The framework is available as an Open-Source stack that is designed to supply developers with quick and organized methods for creating rapid prototypes of MEAN-based web applications.

Why MEAN Stack is Ahead from Other Frameworks?

  • To offer high-performance, MEAN Stack includes MngoDB, which is a non-relational database. In contrast to relational database such as MySQL, MongoDH executes queris in a much faster and efficient manner.
  • Both AngularJS and NodeJS are using JSON format. It is a lightweight data interchange format based on JavaScript Notations.
  • AngularJS is widely used to create scalable and interactive front-end that supports MVC (Model-View-Controller).On the other hand; you can build interactive server-side applications using Express JS.
  • NodeJS offers exciting features to offer in developing high-performance and integrated, real-time applications due to Push technology over web sockets.
  • MEAN Stack development uses a software stack which is capable enough to run on all the OS platforms from windows, MAC OS, UNIX, and LINUX devices.
Develop a Wide Array of Applications Using NodeJS

NodeJS is an event-driven, open-source, and cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment that is used to build real-time applications. It enables JavaScript to be used for server-side scripting in a programming environment.

Asynchronous Input/Output Concept for Web Servers
The applications developed using NodeJS enjoy asynchronous I/O processing. The process enables an improved throughput and responsiveness to the application.
Concept of Event-Driven Programming
NodeJs offers reusability of the code and modules between client and server-side architecture. To allow the redundancy, NodeJS uses JSON format. The format is used for data interchange which is consistent across the front-end and back-end interfaces.
Cross-Platform Environment for JavaScript Run-Time
NodeJS is widely used to create a real-time application providing a single language unified environment for both -client-side and server-side development. It also allows you to monitor your users and analyze their real-time usage.
Concept of JSON Everywhere for Web Servers
With the flexibility of NodeJS, the codes and modules between the client-side and server -side architecture can be reused.

Offer a Great User Experience Using AngularJS

Angular JS

Depending upon the JavaScript, AngularJS is used to build front-end application framework in order to build dynamic, single-page applications. Considering it as frontend of MEAN Stack development, AngularJS allows the user to extend the HTML vocabulary for their applications.

Concept of Event-Driven Programming

NodeJs offers reusability of the code and modules between client and server-side architecture. To allow the redundancy, NodeJS uses JSON format. The format is used for data interchange which is consistent across the front-end and back-end interfaces.

Rapid and Scalable Client-side Framework

AngularJS delivers efficiency to the application across all platforms, such as Web, Mobile, and Native platforms. Due to its highly scalable environment, applications can be developed faster with the benefits of HTML and Plain JavaScript objects.

Dynamic Two-Way Data-Binding Control

AngularJS platform offers the developers with the user-interfaces to represent dynamic content through the enhanced used of HTML. AngularJS helps the user to create a smooth flow development, without worrying about DOM Manipulation for their application.

Code Reusability

AngularJS uses plain JavaScript objects in the model to create a dynamic representation of data. Due to its declarative code style, the code is easy to test, maintain, and reuse.

Construct Powerful Applications With ExpressJS

ExpressJS is an Open-source application development framework for NodeJS run-time environment. It is considered as the back-end of MEAN Stack development. It is widely used to develop APIs and apps that need minimal amount of code.

MVC Architecture Support

To create applications, ExpressJS uses MVC architecture. This effectively results in a faster development flow.

Leverage HTTP Structures and Functions

Light-weight programming framework, ExpressJS renders HTTP interfaces to create APIs in an easier way.

Delivers High-Performance

ExpressJS allows creating cross-platform applications through built-in application development features, without overriding NodeJS platform.

ExpressJS as NodeJS Framework

ExpressJS is used to build NodeJS based applications. Also, there are many popular frameworks that are based on ExpressJS. It comes with an inbuilt set of features that facilitate efficient development of the web and mobile applications.

Cross-Platform and Document-Oriented Database program

MongoDB is an open-source database program that uses JSON-like documents with schemas to store data. Referred as a NoSQL Database program, MongoDB provides high performance and scalability.

Data Storage in JSON-Like Format

JSON is a language-independent data format; it gives enhanced performance as a result of less interpretation and parsing.

MongoDB as NoSQL Database

MongoDB is NoSQL database program which indicates the mechanism of non-relational databases.

Swift Data Retrieval

Because of non-relational nature of MongoDB, the data retrieval and storage are faster as compared to others. Along with indexing and real-time aggregation of data, MongoDB is to store the data in a persistent format in MEAN Stack development.

Fault Tolerance and Load Sharing

MongoDB provides an efficient presence through its enhanced replication features. It can provide the flexibility to run over multiple servers, in case of any hardware failure. Along with its horizontal scaling, load balancing, and replication, MongoDB can be used as a file system in MEAN Stack Development.

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